Wanderous Whimsy

Lost in Wanderland

We all have moments that spur and shape our curiosity about the world around us. Maybe it was the road trips from my childhood, or possibly, those colorful photographs my mom brought back from her trip to Cuba.  Regardless – and I am sure all travel bugs can relate – it eventually hits you. I realized I had this inescapable, heart-swelling desire to get out there.

The summer I graduated from high school I strategically planned my first backpacking trip through Europe. Armed with a camera, a new backpack, and 5 best friends, I took off on a journey that would leave me with an irrefutable taste for travel. A wanderer was born. 10 years and 27 countries later and I am more infatuated than ever.

My name is Katy and when I am not lost in wanderland, I reside in a sun drenched, saguaro spotted desert (aka Arizona) where you can find me either tangled up in a yoga pose or feverishly planning my next adventure. Join me as I explore, eat, get lost, laugh, pose, take way too many photos, and most importantly, dream my way around the world.

Wat Arun

Climbing the steps of Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand