Wanderous Whimsy

Head in the Clouds

First Post – here it goes! This blog has definitely been an adventure in and of itself! Who knew starting a travel blog could be so complicated. Amidst the mind boggling madness of linking this website to instagram, to twitter, to facebook, and back again, I was asked (somewhere along the line) to write a mission statement. I had to pause and ask myself, “What is my mission with all of this travel mumbo-jumbo and how do I convey it concisely to the world (or at least to my readers)?”

On the surface and maybe on a more realistic level, I hope to inspire and guide the other wanderlust stricken dreamers out there on how they can turn their own deepest reveries into reality, their admiration into adventure. I will absolutely be here for you – to listen and to give my two cents on whatever travel needs you may have – from developing itineraries to planning out your budget to giving hotel recommendations. I will share my stories and adventures to help you in cultivating your own. 

Now on a deeper level…my inner wanderess and what drives her. While it is easy to over-boil with passion about this world and all the beauty it has to offer, where does it go from there? Is travel just self serving or can we find greater meaning in the adventures that await us?
 What is the purpose beyond the pretty photographs and outlandish stories?

To put it all out on the table – l will admit – I AM one of those idealists that believes love can change the world. Traveling is a means to that end. As we experience new cultures, it begs acceptance of that which is different. Acceptance goes hand in hand with tolerance and tolerance is a hop, skip and a jump away from friendship. Alas, friendship beseeches love. If there is one good thing about globalization it is this progression – our world today is “smaller” and with that, we are forced to start understanding one another. With more love and understanding, there will ultimately be less hate and fear. In cherishing and sharing foreign lands, foods, and customs – in loving what they love – we connect.

What if each of us could love the whole world? HA! But really? As Coleman Barks so eloquently describes, “You couldn’t possibly go to war if ‘the beloved’ was everyone.” I may be deemed a “dreamer” or that I have my “head in the clouds,” but I say in response “why aren’t you?” Anything that was worth doing always started as a dream. After all, traveling is getting your head in the clouds and reaching a destination which was once, only but a dream. So take this journey with me and let us test the limits for ourselves and our hearts and see what heights we can achieve. 

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.” – Robert Payne