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Where to stay in Provence

When I first asked myself the question of where I wanted to stay in the lovely Luberon region of southern France, I answered myself, half joking, that I wanted to literally have views of lavender from my window. I also hoped to be in the heart of the countryside, preferably near a little village but still a close drive to all the popular spots. 

After obsessive internet searching Le Clos Du Rohan was found. Everything about this 18th century farmhouse delivers the quintessential Provence experience. 


Francoise and Bernard, the ever accommodating couple, have poured their hearts into this property. Francoise, aged with her grace and wisdom, greets you with her warm welcome.

Her delicate but passionate energy and her knowledge of the land and surrounding villages is as much apart of the the ambiance as anything else. Much like the faded blue shutters that adorn the windows, her and her husband add that special touch that elevates the whole experience to another level. 


What makes this spot even more desirable and luxurious is that it feels like undiscovered perfection. Some of the beautiful hotels around France are definitely gorgeous, but they come with pretension, Louis Vuitton luggage, and instagram accounts. It’s really not escaping at all.  This is different. This is authenticity at its finest. With only two apartments to book, it is private, relaxing, scenic, and truly off the beaten path.

The home sits tucked away on 165 acres of storybook woods and, you guessed it, lavender…as only the Luberon countryside could provide. This property sits outside one of the smallest villages, Rustrel, with maybe one or two restaurants and a quaint little shop or two. Down the street from Rustrel you will find undisturbed lavender and sunflower fields galore. Even in the town I never saw another tourist. 




The house itself is large yet understated, with that crumbly stone exterior that only an 18th century farmhouse could emanate. The interior is exquisitely simple and romantic, earthy and antiquated. It doesn’t give you more than what you need, nor less than what you want. 


There is a small beautiful pool that overlooks the lavender field. Near the pool breakfast is served outside under an Olive tree – complete with freshly baked bread and croissants, local yogurts, honey, and cheeses. The honey is made from the bees on the property and Françoise makes the jam herself. 


If you ever have the chance to visit this beautiful part of the world, I highly recommend Le Clos Du Rohan. You wont find this accommodation on a booking website such as Expedia or Hotels.Com, this is one of those old fashioned book-straight-from-the-source type of establishments. I think that adds to it’s charm as well. And if you do stay, remember to leave your window open so you can wake up to that sweet smell of lavender coming in with the wind.