Wanderous Whimsy


Before I jump into this little slice of heaven, I want to note that I have not posted in over a year due to this little pipsqueak!


Photo Cred: EliseJunaPhotography

I gave birth last May and full heartedly let Harrison become my world. I have been patient with myself in knowing that I will slowly return to my passions and hobbies but wanted to relish in the absolute magic that is a baby’s first year of life. Yes it was hard too and filled with sleepless nights, but still magic. Now that he is getting older I have some space to find myself again. Yoga, travel, house decorating, blogging, planning galore here I come! Okay, slow down, maybe not all at once. We did travel together as a family and I have so much to share on traveling with a baby, but more on that later! Today I am feeling like revisiting what is safe to say my favorite country…France. 


When you think Provence what image comes to mind? For me it’s quaint little villages filled with street markets, shady town squares, faded shutters, and lots of little alleyways to get lost in. Countryside and lavender are also a must. Rousillon fit the bill. 

Rousillon is located in the stunning Luberon region of France, roughly 9 miles from the town of Apt. It sits atop a small easily walkable hill which allows sweeping picturesque views of the countryside and Monts de Vaucluse as well. 


The defining factor of this town for me was actually the geology! The ochre deposits shaped over time by wind and rain create an enchanting landscape in and around the town. The rich red earth translates into the village’s beautiful ochre tinted buildings and red tiled roofs as building materials were no doubt acquired from the surrounding quarries. 


Tom and I stopped in during our trip to Provence to take advantage of the market place. It does get busy with day trippers but this Market was stunning. French linens, buckets of olives, lavender sachets, local honey, glistening fruits, and the cheese. O.M.G. the cheese! I got so much cheese I can still to this day get a slight whiff of it in the bag I used – no joke! We found a shady little corner to picnic and sipped on cold crisp local wines. We reminisced while eating the same dish that was served at our own wedding, a fresh hot plate of paella. 

All in all it was a little piece of magic in the French countryside. To top it off, driving out there were fields upon fields of lavender that popped against the red soil. We had to stop at an intersection and get out because there was a lavender field at every corner. It was just too picturesque to pass up. If you ever decide to visit this small gem, make sure to visit the market on Thursdays. You wont regret it!