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Finding my Mat – SYF 2016

12669637_10100953828916300_5928690582732947159_n2016 is going to be quite the year. With our first baby on the way my mind is racing with a million questions, thoughts, dreams, and fears. While I know practicing yoga when pregnant is one of the best ways to keep your body feeling good and your mind in balance, it is hard to nail down free time. Between work, birth classes, baby showers, family visits, relentless reading material, midwife appointments, and the urge to sleep all the time, it is too easy for the already absent minded pregnant girl to lose her way to the mat. But my inner yogi knows better – my inner yogi knows this is when you need your mat the most.

I want to be clear. If you are pregnant and you’ve never practiced yoga before, start with prenatal yoga only. However, if you’ve been practicing yoga for awhile, you should be able to continue a regular yoga practice with a few modifications. Another great way to honor your body while pregnant, or anytime really, would be to schedule a retreat or yoga getaway. For me, this is my ultimate “babymoon” present to myself. I have decided to once again attend the Sedona Yoga Festival (SYF) in less than a month for some much needed self care. The dates are March 11th – 13th. You can get tickets here.


While I couldn’t be more excited, I have to remember that I will be in my 8th month of pregnancy. The physical activity that I am normally used to will no longer be a walk in the park. When you have a baby the size of a pineapple growing inside of you, you have to approach scheduling a festival schedule with some serious strategy.

First of all, I have read the benefits of meditation and meditating on your baby before birth so I decided to sign up for one meditation class a day. One meditation on Friday is Clearing Core Conditioning Meditation which aims to help you uncover and clear areas in which you are stuck. Because labor can actually be stalled due to unresolved issues and fears within your life, I believe this meditation could give some valuable lessons that could transition into a perfect release and help better prepare the body for birth. Along the same lines, I signed up for Melting the Sadness Yoga Practice on Friday in attempt to disperse any lodged emotional turmoil to help me better prepare for birth by gaining tools to let go of negativity.

While I want to purify myself and cleanse my heart of negativity before bringing new life into the world, I also want to embrace the beauty of life. In an attempt to empower myself and dwell in some optimism, I also signed up for the Happy Yoga class on Friday, the Bliss Meditation class on Saturday, the Manifesting Dreams into Action class on Sunday, and the Embrace Your Inner Goddess Class on Sunday. Talk about some girl power.

While I wont be flying in an acro class anytime soon, I still may be stopping by a few to learn or observe. Lastly, I am turning the fact that I cant do more advanced twisty bendy poses this year into an opportunity to take some introductory classes. I am currently scheduled for the Intro to Ayurveda Yoga Therapy class on Friday and a Kundalini Yoga class on Saturday. These are modalities of yoga I have not yet explored and look forward to learning more about.

Will I get too tired to make it all happen!? It is definitely a possibility. But the beauty of this festival is how many options you have each day to explore your yoga practice. If I get too physically tired, I can replace classes with some of the many talks and workshops offered at SYF.  If I need to relax, I will take a Nidra Yoga class. The variations are endless.

Preggers or not, I highly recommend the Sedona Yoga Festival for beginners to advanced yogis. There is something for everyone. It is a dream come true to attend again, and with my little one en tote. I will make sure to post how it all plays out. Stay tuned!